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Ishura #01 — The Eggpocalypse


I’m sorry. Did you build your city ON TOP of a doomsday monster and expect it to go well?


Ah, gratuitousness. Seems to be the theme for the day. In this case, purely of the violence nature, though it’s not like it really built up the girl being gruesomely ripped apart. Though that wouldn’t be the first time I rolled my eyes at the writing by a long shot. For the first half, it spent the whole thing lamenting how hopeless it was against a giant robot and all its baby robot eggs while they did nothing but shamble around slowly and rip apart some girl while everybody stood there, too aghast to do anything. Not selling the robot apocalypse too well. Then, for the second half, she started leaping to all kinds of crazy conclusions. This dude who just saved me and any survivors must be the reason why the simmering apocalypse kicked off and I will have my revenge by sending him to the city that’s trying to recruit people like him because they’ll naturally fight. And I’m coming too. Um, okay. Glad we’re speedrunning the world exposition, but I definitely missed some links in the reasoning chain here.

At least the setpiece action in the middle was decent enough, even if the robots only occasionally moved beyond shambling around. I find the overpowered knight-errant with super powers to be a much more tolerable packaging of reincarnation into another world with cheat powers, especially as its from the perspective of a native rather than getting his whole life story, though he can’t go two sentences without announcing how he’s from Earth, along with an incredibly bizarre flashback to explain catching a sword with your hands, which they then tried to claim was just like cutting an arm off with a sword. Again, I feel like I’ve lost whatever nonsensical train of thought the writers had, but at least the train left the station, even if it never really had all the wheels on the track to begin with. …I’ve definitely lost my own train of thought on this analogy.

A good show? Not prepared to say that. Way too much awkwardness in the script in the second half and in the direction in the first, but does have kind of the Kingdoms of Ruin/Back Arrow feeling that not even the writers have any idea what they’re doing, but they’re barrelling ahead anyway which at least to me is a little endearing and at least shows more ambition than your standard cheat power other world crap.  


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