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Helck Review — D+

The strongest warrior makes friends with demons.

I read the manga this is based on years ago and it suffered from the same problem— not knowing what it’s setting out to do. The beginning was a silly, fluffy comedy which I enjoyed. But then partway through, it turns into this serious, dark story (half told in a looong flashback) and largely drops the comedic elements.

It’s a shame because if it had stuck with the humor I would have loved it. It has excellent character designs and a decent sense of humor (not to mention what is probably its best point, the shipping fodder). Instead it forgot about this partway through and decided to tell a generic half-assed dark fantasy story.

Storytelling – D – Know what you want to do and stick with it.
Voice – C – Same as above. But it was cool at the start with the cute demons.
Characters – C – Serviceable.
Attention Grab – D – Lost interest halfway through.
Production – C – Looks ok.
Overall – D+

Recommendations – Don’t start out a comedy and forget about it partway. Mismatched expectations are a problem.

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