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Sasaki and Peeps #01 — Possibly Animated By Birds


Why in god’s name was this 45 minutes long?

There’s two more shows today (Pon and Momochi), thankfully neither cheat power/RPG stuff, but I need a short break to… not watch this crap. I’ll get to them in a bit.


What on earth happened with this episode, Silver Link? They’re not always the best studio out there, but as an off-shoot of Shaft, a lot of the time, they have at least a little bit of visual flair. This was embarrassing. You probably wouldn’t expect it at all from the caps, but this was a double length episode, and yet so little happened and so much of it was dry, pointless internal narration of every insipid concept imaginable that even the few bits that might have been interesting got lost. But they would’ve been anyway since I really cannot stress how just plain unanimated and visually unengaging everything about this show is.

He gets a magic bird, it gives him magic powers, he saves some lady from a dude with a sword for a hand, but she’s actually a secret government agent recruiting magical people. There is no reason that needs to be as dull as this. Hell, it’s practically the same setup as Taboo Tattoo, but that had a budget and got through its premise in about five minutes. This, on the other hand, decided to spend nearly five minutes laboriously explaining how the dude is reselling cheap garbage to fantasy people through the power of being a middle man. This is after five minutes of bumping into some dude and deciding to help him get a new job while explaining hiring practices before the guy vanishes from the episode again. What was the point? Is this just a random train of thought that somebody mistook for a script?   


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