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The Unwanted Undead Adventurer #01 — Staring at a CGI Skeleton


Don’t break the budget here, guys.


Here we have our second show about being in an RPG world and being eaten by a dragon in the first 60 seconds. Which is weirdly specific, and yet there’s multiple. Anyway, it really goes out of its way to show that, yes, you can actually do worse storytelling and pacing than taking an aside to explain the concept of money. We go through the unanimated opening hook, and then flash backward to a horrendously boring and unneeded long explanation that adventurers go into dungeons in order to adventure, before sitting through the exact same scene a second time. It’s not even five minutes into the show, and it’s already resorting to multiple minutes of recycled animation.

The whole thing is just nonstop internal narration of basic RPG mechanics over some incredibly godawful animation. There is virtually only half-ass CGI and even that barely has any motion. Most of the show is spent absolutely literally watching a motionless CGI skeleton ponder game mechanics, despite this supposedly being a fantasy world and not some kind of RPG. I had to close it a couple minutes from the end when he started explaining that people with high levels have high power levels, therefore if he wants to be more powerful, he has to have a higher power level. It physically pained me. 

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