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High Card #13 — CGI Is the Ultimate Antagonist


As ever.

There’s five premieres today. I’ll get through them eventually, but I have other things I need to attend to as well, so expect gaps.


Ah, yes. This show. One of the mediocre but servicable original action shows of a few seasons back that came to a weird anti-climactic non-ending, and even more confusingly got greenlit for a second season. Maybe people really liked the ED. It was an okay X-Men kind of clone where everybody has some super power and they hunt some other super powered dude of the week instead of grand tournament arcs or whatever, but never had much ambition past that, and meandered around, though at least kept things pretty episodic so it never got stuck on any one thing too long.

And this seems like it’s going to be more of the same, for better or worse. Since it’s the first episode back, too much of it was consumed with doing recap, and particularly poor recap where Red Dude explains to Gun Dude his tragic past, until Wolf Dude of the week shows up, just to be stabbed and eaten by the tentacles of CGI Knight Dude, who is apparently going to be the big bad. But I’m pretty certain they still have multiple big bads of the previous season pissing about that they never got around to dealing with. Along with another group fighting him, I guess? Well, at least it’s introducing new things, though it really feels like it should be making use of what it already has first. I seem to recall it never actually finished going through the main cast either for that matter. 


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