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Synduality Noir #13 — Recap Tour


Maybe don’t use the third person as a personal pronoun if you don’t want to sound like a child.


Like High Card, another episodic action show from a couple seasons that was servicable, but never really great. It was mostly carried by its characters, particularly the ones that were constantly acting like gremlins and/or getting up to weird nonsense in the background. And it’s still sort of doing that, but also like High Card, a lot of this episode was spent doing recap; a tour of all the characters under the pretense of introducing them to Black Noir Mystere, only to kick her out at the end, as if the OP didn’t already show she’d be gettng the boot, only to bring her right back.

I’ll certainly take it over all the cheat power crap, but the only thing really animated this episode was another goddamned Ciel concert, and unlike High Card, didn’t introduce much of anything new. Even the ending was just “Oh, we’re going to… some place.” That’s not much of a new hook considering how flailing the main plotline already was to begin with, what with the super agent assassin being out-thwarted repeatedly by a pair of comic relief mooks. It is what it is. And I suspect these two shows are probably going to be the highlight of the rest of the day.

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