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Third Window Films to Release “ONE PERCENTER” on Blu-Ray in the UK during March 2024

Third Window Films have recently announced that they will release Yudai Yamaguchi’s feature-length-fil;m ONE PERCENTER, displayed in the logo as 1%er, on Blu-Ray and Digital Platforms on the 11th March 2024.

The film, which will be presented on a Region B Blu-Ray Disc in Japanese with English subtitles, stars Tak Sakaguchi, a Japanese actor known for starring in action-themed films, and follows the exploits of a film actor. This UK Blu-Ray Release of the film will also include Audio Commentary, Making of Documentary and Trailers as part of the bonus features and a reversible sleeve; each with vastly different cover art.

About: Action film actor Takuma Toshiro is a man  with only one goal: the perfection of action film acting.
But when his samurai-approach to the profession clashes with an industry addicted to wires, CGI and quick edits, Toshiro and his trusty apprentice Akira decide to make their dream film themselves.

When actual violence finds  its way onto their film set in the form of yakuza  mobsters looking for a hidden cache of drugs, Toshiro and Akira are suddenly thrust into action. Is this the ideal  opportunity to take his “Real Action” to the next level? As lives are lost and chaos ensues, Toshiro finds  that the gap between action “fantasy” and “reality” isn’t quite what he thought!

ONE PERCENTER is currently planned for UK Blu-Ray and Digital Video release on 11th March 2024 with pre-orders available at retailers. Further information can also be found on the official Third Window Films website.

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