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I’m in Love with the Villainess Review — B

Like the title says.

This was an enjoyable. I especially enjoyed the main character’s personality— she’s gay and the show actually takes this seriously (well, while being a comedy), at least in the second half. She’s also very entertaining to watch with how she has no chill and doesn’t hold back.

It’s also a very cute show, I especially liked the slime.

What surprised me most about this is how well it balanced being a comedy and having an actual plot in the latter part. I often complain about shows (like Helck) that do this to disastrous effect. But here it worked very well— the comedy was good and the more serious second half was also good, while not forgetting that it was originally a comedy.

You would think the isekai genre would have all become repetitive and boring by now, but nope, there are still some interesting shows. (and a lot of bad ones… it is getting to be a bit much)

Storytelling – B – Pretty funny, did the drama well too.
Voice – B – It’s carried by Rae’s personality.
Characters – B – Rae is great, the rest less interesting.
Attention Grab – B – Kept my interest.
Production – B – Looks good.
Overall – B


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