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Metallic Rouge #01 — Bird Internet


This is why you don’t stick your brain in birds.


It’s nice to see something that’s just baseline well-animated, even if the action was non-existent until the last couple minutes and only about on the level of Girl Sacred Seven. I’m not sure I can say the same for the script. Better a lighter touch and fill in the details later, but it’s a pretty confusing mix of overly specific factoids and something between technobabble and just references that are incomprehensible without setting up a corkboard to track everything. “As everybody knows, androids need nectar, and are bound by Asimov’s Laws to never harm humans.” “Yes, and we needed to make sure you didn’t betray the Organization for the Immortal Nine as Sylvia suspects, but Altair wibbled the wobble, so now the nectar is copacetic.”

And that’s when it’s not inventing random powers for people. “Oh, I forgot you were a shapeshifter.” It really seemed like transforming into robot suits was the extent of the sci-fi and then it jumped straight to full on fantasy magic powers. Then, out of nowhere, in the final battle, one starts yelling that all this is about android-human racism while the chorus is singing about shattered dreams. Is it? Your dream is singing in a pole-dancing strip club for enslaved androids? It’s disorienting, to be generous. I expect it’ll probably come together a little more and be somewhat more cohesive in future episodes, which would help a lot to not have the feeling of “Wait, what?” every three minutes, but neither of the two main characters are all that engaging. Possibly just having them interact with each other more would help, but getting the camera off Expositional Background Characters would do a lot of good too. 


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