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Victory?! #01 — Ancient Egyptian Pistols


This magical artifact was just left in a pagoda next to a strip club?


Ugh. This show really desperately wants to be Jump without actually being it. Meaning that the main character is an imbecile who overreacts to everything by loudly screaming, too many stupid puns for me to try to explain, and it hates females. The girl spends most of the episode as just a target for him to fantasize about or make nervous diarrhea jokes about, until she’s revealed to be a sadistic lunatic baiting who loves baiting people to hit on her so her brother can beat them up, but I guess she’s the heroine because the entire ED is her dancing in cosplay with every other character. And then there’s the protagonist. His deal is that he’s going to deliquent school for delinquents, but one is someone he used to know who got beat up a lot and… that really bums him out being reminded that this dude used to be tortured. What a goddamned protagonist that we’re supposed to be getting behind. Obnoxious, cowardly, stupid, selfish, and superficial. How heroic that he has a genie giving him super powers… in the closing 3 seconds of the episode.

At least it’s pretty well animated, like you’d expect from Mappa literally killing animators to make their shows. All in service of making the main character as loud and annoying as possible, mind you. But it does make a visual gag here and there like the dude riding up on a toy llama somewhat work in at least an absurd comedy angle kind of reminiscent of things like Cromartie. If you really missed this kinds of corny punk-school shows from long long past, it’s… one of those. But goddamned, if every single character except the one former bully-target isn’t hideously unpleasant in just about every way, even the magical genie who just hovers around making faces and cliche Jump proclamations after he appears. 

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