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The Apothecary Diaries #14 — Sex Ed For Consorts


Reverse cow girl!?


After last week’s episode sort of soft rebooting, this episode went to great pains to bring all the old characters back, which just made the previous episode, including the name change seem all the more pointless. I feel like they could’ve actually done the sex ed course instead of montaging over it and making the reactions supposed to be the humor. Actual sex jokes are vanishingly rare in anime, while reaction images are a dime a dozen. I can open literally any show and probably be flooded with characters reacting ‘humorously’ to things. At least it wasn’t yelling though. And while I’ll admit it was better than the usual baseline in the show lately thanks to actually interacting with other characters instead of being trapped in monologues, it still felt very much like filler. If it was to introduce the new girl, all they really established is that she’s a sullen loner.

Then the second half continued that by bringing back the one comic relief dude for the mystery of the week. Slightly more substantial than the show has often done, in that it took up half the episode instead of sixty seconds, but the ‘mystery’ here is that there was a ‘random’ explosion near some warehouses, and they find a tobacco pipe nearby. If you can put together what happened from just those clues, then congratulations. You’re a better detective than 99% of the people in ancient not-China, even if you didn’t know that grain dust is volatile, which is the fun factoid that takes up the next five minutes. Obviously, this is something relevant to working in rural whorehouses, but not for the people maintaining the royal grain storage warehouses.


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