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The Way of Pon #02 — Rich People Throwing Tantrums


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I did glance at Snack Basue, but like I said in the full season preview, it appeared be flash, or basically unanimated, and it indeed was just the manga with voices and the absolute minimum of lip movements.


But it may be time to cut bait on this one too. This new character is awful. Her introduction is that she threw tantrums until her parents took her to a mahjong parlor, but now she’s a teenager, and teenage girls can’t play mahjong except with other teenage girls, so she’s going to throw another tantrum about it. Then, for the second half of the episode, they do the same schtick as before, except less of it, because now there’s a straight man character who needs to explain every joke, or have every joke explained to them. The characters being little gremlins to each other has been saddled with the anchor of a breathy, high pitched, overreacting idiot just to tell people how whimsical they’re being.

She’s just so bad, and ill-fitting for everything that the first episode did right… and it didn’t actually do that much all that well. Definitely not another character with a bad pun for a name. It’s not even like this episode was more focused on mahjong or the characters even. It just defaulted back to the more standard girls-in-a-club cliches of one being passionate and pushing them to be a club at the expense of all else, especially my aural health. 


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