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The Weakest Tamer Yada Yada #01 — Monologues With Slimes


How not different at all.


At long last, we come to the final reincarnation in an RPG world show for the season. Another one in the flavor of “I’m the -adjective-est -job- and was kicked out, so now I’m the strongest/living a slow life.” Which is probably harsher than it deserves on its own merits. If it wasn’t the seventy fifth in a line of those, it would merely be horrendously boring and soporific. It’s really going all in on precocious girl internally narrates her surroundings. Ostensibly, she’s schizophrenically talking to her past life, but it’s a one-sided conversation, and even that gets cast aside so she can re-explain the premise and then recap what happened in the second half… and do much of that again when she meets her pet slime.

At least there’s nothing too objectionable, and despite having zero ambition in the animation, is not embarrassing either. If this was PA Works or KyoAni, there would have definitely been some gratuitous shots of plants rippling in the wind or her eyes sparkling like diamonds. It doesn’t utterly crap out like so many other shows this season, and the music is there to lull you into trance as it mindlessly rambles and repeats itself. It consumed 20 minutes without attempting anything or accomplishing anything, let alone having the barest minimum of an original thought, but at least it didn’t scream in my face or try to sell me on slavery. I appreciate that. Now onto the trash pile with you where you belong.


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