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Assassin’s Pride Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray Release Date Moves to February 2024

Those keeping a close eye on the upcoming Blu-Ray releases this year may have noticed that MVM Entertainment’s Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray release of Assassin’s Pride has been pushed back to 26th February 2024.

Originally the title was due to be released on 11th December 2023, but was moved to 29th January 2024 (as reported here), however updated listings at online retailers (such as anime-on-line) now show the new release date as 26th February 2024.

It is unclear if this is simply a release date shuffle, something which happened quite a bit with MVM titles during the build-up to the new year, or some kind of production delay. Regardless, the Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray release of Assassin’s Pride is now scheduled for 26th February 2024 with pre-orders now being accepted at online retailers.

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