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Ishura #03 — Wyvern Law


Really love these stupid little CGI dragons, don’t they?


I’m getting pretty tired of all this setup with no payoff so far, and it doesn’t seem like that’s going to change. The first episode at least had a single contained story, even if it went completely off the rails by the end. The last couple episodes though have had only very loose connections to each other and this one in particular was largely just gratuitous jellification of people, bookended by… nothing. Starting and ending with what feels like filler isn’t a good way to get the audience engaged in the episode and leave them wanting more. At least have some kind of connecting thread, some doodad or gizmo that gets passed by contrivance from one to the next. Something to give these random scenes any meaning in the here and now, not a vague promise for seven episodes from now.

Are these people even important? We spent about eight minutes on the lady ruler and another five on the poor waif in a tower, so you’d think so, but they also either simply sat there or exposited about the characters who got top billing in the title of the episode, so… no? But most was just on two random dudes messily killing people for their lady friends. One dude was a wyvern despot ruling over his wyvern brood, the other was just a magic dude with magic eyes and a magic sword and magic hands and magic powers. Something that they felt needed to be explained and recapped by reviewing the footage after seeing all that. Again, not helping the narrative or pacing issues. I wasn’t even all that on board to begin with, and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be coming together and getting the plot going any time soon either, so my interest is fast waning.


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