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Sengoku Fox #02 — Poke It With a Spear


These monks don’t seem very ready to fight monsters.

I need to catch up on work stuff for a bit since my forced hiatus extended there as well. High Card, Synduality, and Metallic Rouge will likely be a while, though that last one doesn’t air until quite late anyway.


I’m not so sure on this one either, and I’m ready to start culling next week. It continues to be so immature and childish, both the yelly dude who keeps throwing tantrums about people being called weak, and its action scenes. Not just that it’ll smash cut to a loud boom and then thirty people are flying through the air in a still, but also just the composition of the scenes. It’s so lazily Jump, where half the ‘fight’ is not the fight at all, but checking in with the peanut gallery to observe their gasping, shocked reactions at how cool the thing they’re seeing is, even when the thing they’re gasping at is just boiling down to dude and monster punching/beaming each other dead on and whoever has the most power wins. That, plus the people flying through the air. There’s a huge range between jellifying people into pudding with a single swing of the sword and Team Rocket blasting off again when it comes to violence.

The story isn’t doing it too many favors either, though at least it has one. The problem here is more in the structure. We pick up the episode in the middle of the fight, immediately run away to spend half the episode explaining that the monster is some human the local monk squad experimented on, unceremoniously dispatch it, take another long timeout for more exposition before running off to pick a fight with the monks, once again ending right as the fight starts. Rigid fidelity to the source (I’m assuming that’s what’s going on here) over actually adapting to the episodic format of the medium is no virtue.  


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