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Princess, It’s Time for Your 7th Loop #02 — Big Girls Don’t Cry


Really, really big girls.


And I think I’m calling it on both of these shows, though the ‘torture’ one was a long shot, and probably would’ve needed to both lean in to its random gratuitous overanimation as well as completely shake up its format, neither of which it even slightly threatened to do. Passing the time the last couple days reminiscing and rewatching older, better comedies, with genuine slapstick, absurdism, weirdness, and passion for their subject matter certainly didn’t help it either. It has its one joke, and boy, is it just going to do that joke over and over.

7th Loop intrigued me a little bit in its first episode because I liked the competent protagonist who was doing her own thing, but it bounced back hard to All Cliches, All The Time for the second episode, with a special emphasis on being Mary Sue as absolute crap. The dreadfully cheery opening definitely set a bad tone. She really is the most specialest, flawless, perfect girl who knows how to do everything and is willing to sacrifice everything for everybody that the bad boy dude can’t help but fawn over. I think the low point was her ‘discovering’ the knives literally dripping with purple goo had been poisoned. Great job, Sherlock. But then she stepped right into a bullying maid situation and wouldn’t ya know it, but she set those bullies straight with her spunk and verve. Any notion that she’s facing any real adversity here is very far gone.

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