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The Foolish Angel #02 — Butt Play


At least it does the loud overreaction in multiple ways.

I’m calling it for tonight, and since the ‘wind storm’ predicted today is just a inch deep sheet of ice at the moment, I think I’ll probably be safe to have power and other utilities in the morning. I think that catches up all I wanted to get to between Sunday and Tuesday except for Synduality and High Card. There’s three Wednesday action shows, though Rouge airs relatively late.


Yeeeeeah. This wasn’t going to fare well after my offline sojourn into comedies of the past, which makes me just want to talk about GA Art and Pani Poni and how I feel they worked more than anything this didn’t accomplish, and its failings aren’t all that different from the Princess Torture show. The main one is that it only has its one or two jokes, and by god, is it going to tell them over and over again, in slightly different ways, but always getting to the punchline where somebody overreacts noisily, though admittedly, this does have at least some variety in the flavor of overreaction face, even if it tried to milk “cats and dogs fighting” for far too long when it was a bad gag to start with. They had big casts, a variety of punchline, expression and whimsy in the foreground and background, so even when one gag failed, and by god, that body temperature soda cat got old fast, it was sandwiched between three or four more gags, some deadpan, some absurd, some unfortunately yelly. But variety. This has… two characters after two episodes, and like… maybe three jokes?

And despite this one sort of having more of a narrative than the Princess Torture thing (but certainly less than either PPD or GA), there’s not any more of an actual plot that could help it at least feel like it’s going anywhere or attempting anything. Even the barest minimum of a sitcom plot that stitched things together so it feels less like a string of poor gags slapped down at random between a harmless imbeciles and a genocidal racist. Isn’t she adorable how she blushes and tells him he must be lying about being a standup guy because everybody knows all demons are evil and must die. Not sure we’re on the same page here at all, show.

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