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Ascendance of Bookworm – Season 1 & 2 and RE:cycle of the Penguindrum Movie Collection Blu-Rays Scheduled for February 2024 Release

New listings at online retailers, specifically Amazon UK and Anime-On-Line, have revealed that Anime Limited will release Standard Edition Blu-Ray releases of Ascendance of Bookworm Part 1 & 2 and RE:cycle of the Penguindrum Movie Collection during February 2024.

Ascendance of Bookworm – Season 1 & 2
Release Date: 26th February 2024

Synopsis: When a sickly young girl suddenly becomes obsessed with inventing new things, her family and friends are all puzzled. “What has gotten into Myne?” they wondered, never dreaming that the answer is not a “What” but a “Who”: Urano Motosu, a book-loving apprentice librarian who died in an earthquake in Tokyo who somehow found herself in Myne’s body! And since Myne’s world is still in a medieval stage, where books can only be owned by the elite, the new Myne intends to do everything she can to bring her beloved books to the masses in the time she has left. Unfortunately, that may not be very long, as Myne’s body is still failing, and she may only have a short time left to achieve her lofty goals in ASCENDANCE OF A BOOKWORM!

RE:cycle of the Penguindrum Movie Collection
Release Date: 19th February 2024

Synopsis: What would you do to save someone you love? All brothers Shoma and Kanba know is that, after collapsing in an aquarium and apparently dying, their terminally ill sister Himari was somehow revived by a Penguin hat that she had wished for. Now they’re on an impossible mission, because the price of keeping Himari alive is to find a mysterious object called the Penguindrum, and they’ll do anything to save their sister. Anything.

As they travel separate paths in their search, they’ll have to unravel complex riddles, make alliances with strangers they know they shouldn’t trust, and question the very fabrics of time and destiny. In two spectacular feature films combining elements from the acclaimed TV series plus dazzling new scenes and characters, the Penguinture begins again!

Retailer listings have also confirmed that previously announced Standard Edition Blu-Ray releases of Eternal 831 and Hula Fulla Dance will be released on 19th February 2024 (as opposed to the previously suggested 26th/29th February 2024 release date). Regardless, a full breakdown of what is being released in 2024 can be found on our release schedule.

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