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Synduality Noir #15 — Robots Covered in Bird Poop


You do not have that many gulls on a robot without incidents.


Why do I feel like they’re half-assing the apocalypse these days. I remember when a carrot on this show was some kind of rare expensive gourmet treat, and real meat was impossible to find. Now, they’re a day out of town, tripping over crabs and seagulls are literally coating the local mechs. They roll up to an ‘ancient’ abandoned spaceport, hook it up to their truck, and jumpstart the entire facility. This place seems like something people would have been interested in, especially if the extent of the repairs it needs were to just hook it up to whatever battery you happen to have handy.

At least like High Card, most of the second half was taken up by passable action, but like High Card, the script was still a mess. They’re fighting the mask dude because… he just flat out comes out and declares that he’s part of the Illuminati and they need to fight. Until some faceless baddies interrupt, so Kanata declares that he needs to fly for some inexplicable reason, so is kicked back down, and then they completely drop the whole flying thing. The interrupt-a-thon continues with Tokio finally coming back just to yell that everybody has secret identities before everybody goes flying off into the sunset. Uh, sure. You know, whatever. At least something is happening, even if it makes no sense and the main characters are superfluous to it all.

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