Winter 2024 Is A Treat!

So many good shows for the seasonal of 2024!

I am pleasantly surprised by this season’s deliveries of varied genres and how my list consists of nothing but romance titles. . . whoops. You don’t realise till seeing what you’ve chosen to watch of how many romances there are. Swear there are more than last years which I felt was lacking so my anime watching is off to a fantastic start. My list is probably going to be updated after this post goes out but this is what I’ve currently started. 

The Demon Prince Of Momochi House

A manga I read a very long time ago just has a adaptation out the blue. It is very odd that a studio picks this up to adapt after all this time, but I don’t know this is all works. Interesting supernatural circumstances people have found with this series so far with the current episodes aired, when scrolling through the crunchyroll feedback, makes me excited. You can easily compare this to Kamisama Kiss but there are distinct differences between but they have similarities. I am impressed with the adaptation so far within the first two episodes, characters are all on point and the animation is lovely beautifully bright and outlining particular character features like Himari’s eyes and peacock tentacles will call when Aoi transforms into his Ayakashi form. Romance and supernatural fans won’t be disappointed with this story and a with series lots of unknowns and blooming, building relationship of Aoi and Himari. I was so happy to hear 24 episodes for this series as the manga is 16 volumes. Will find out eventually if a decent job was done here. 

Tales Of Wedding Rings

Another out of the blue series I’ve only read half of a long time ago and boom, adaptation is here. 2024 has my brain going what is going on?!. Your classic harem anime but Tales Of Wedding Rings could be a different mix I’d like to think at this stage. For starters the main characters Satou and Hime are established as a couple even through the circumstances are complex, Satou dragged into a world he is proclaimed as the ring king after Hime kisses him. He is bound to defeat the greater evil and in order to gain his true power must marry four other princesses. Has been ages since I have watched a harem and so far first two episodes are ticking the right boxes. Harem series are a fun watches for me and not to get all series about. The animation is good quality and characters are fun, so we are enjoying this harem so far!

Banished from the Hero’s Party, I Decided to Live a Quiet Life in the Countryside Season 2

Oh god still can’t believe there is a season two for this favourite I watched couple of years ago. I’ve spoke about this on my podcast and what a fun, adorable isekai this was. Adventurer Red was kicked out of his party and decided wanted to live a quiet life by opening up a apothecary. He gains a new lover Princess Rit and his sister Ruti comes to live with him. I’ve only seen first episode but have already gathered the jist of what is going to occur here, new villain on the horizon and basking in the quiet life of our main party. Couldn’t ask for anything better, this is my comfort watch for the season! 

7th Time Loop: The Villainess Enjoys a Carefree Life Married to Her Worst Enemy!

Light novel titles like this one I am really beginning to fall in love with, they add a different element to the romance realm, already two episodes in completely in love with this. We need volume one of the light novel in my hands now. Rishe’s engagement was called off to the crowned prince was called off due to conspiracies against her, she time loops back to this moment five times. Each time choosing to do something different with that life. Seventh round she is confronted by crown prince Hein Arnold of the rivaling kingdom who happened to kill her as her life as a knight. He asks Rishe to marry him and accepts so she may live a long relaxing life, also evading a pending war. This is a great story set up, animation is really splendid, Rishe strong resilient female, Hein arnold dangerous to look at, theres nothing for me to not love about this series. It’s a series gladly anyone can dive into even if they are not romance fans because we have a interesting premise and exudes a lot of unknowns which it sells so well. Definitely jump into this if you’re looking for something different!

Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady With A Lamp

This season keeps giving with my tastes for me, once a evil princess Elise makes up from her past live by becoming a doctor in the modern day world. Cut short after a plane crash she finds herself waking up to her previous life and decides to change her ways from how things turned out previously. Not sure if this will compete with 7th time loop but willing to see how this series pans out. I’ve only seen the first episode and was just a introduction episode into Elise character, though I was bored a bit while watching. Definitely will give this a fair shot!

Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?!

We need at least one boys love per season is what I seek for and not surprised this title received a anime adaptation. I’ve read first couple of volumes of the manga and know there is a live action for it as well. Secretly I was hoping it would get a anime and that excitement was worth it after watching the first episode. This is going to be boys fluff with some sauce kind of watch, also quite funny. Adachi turning thirty meant he was given a gift of reading people’s minds if he touches them. Accidently touching Kurosawa his coworker leads him to find out he likes Adachi, awkward. First episode was hilarious for me, Adachi’s awkwardness and listening to his inner thoughts of this odd predicament had me in tangles. There is a great harmony between the two characters already I can feel and will be a good watch! 

A Sign Of Affection 

Saved best for last because. . .  will be my favourite watch of the year I already know. No words can describe the excitement I felt of the adaptation being announced. This series means a incredible lot to me not just for representing disability but the work that has gone into this and such a loveable cast of characters. The universe must have been aligning with me because when this debuts, I found out I got into my course I’ll be studying this year which is sign language. It was meant to be haha! Two episodes in and has exceeded what I was hoping for, animation is so clean, the deliverance on signing communication is clear and precise, the characters are more than on point. It’s wonderful just wonderful!!! Yuki and Itsuomi are so cute it hurts, their relationship dynamic setup especially in episode one was fantastic. It has been so exciting to see others love for this series already and a runner for romance of the year already!!! 

Solo leveling and The Dangers in my heart are the only ones I have not got around too yet. That will be my completed list for this season! What ones are currently are watching and have you hooked or have you sunk? 

See you in the next post!


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