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Metallic Rouge #03 — Racists Doing a Racism


There is not a lot of nuance here.


I guess we’re back to the dystopian Bladerunner stuff, with dudes screaming “I AM A RACIST AND BECAUSE OUR RACIST SOCIETY LETS ME MURDER ANDROIDS IN THE STREET, I AM TOTALLY GOING TO MURDER YOU FOR RACIST FUN. BECAUSE I’M A HUGE RACIST.” This is on top of them trying to infiltrate a literal prison camp, and the conflict of the week; the glasses chick screaming at Rouge that she’s just a thing, and even wanting chocolate is exerting too much free will. It’s not subtle. I guess the episode was meant to introduce the gruff doctor dude who sympathizes with the exploited androids, but that’s his entire deal.

It’s certainly the worst of the three episodes so far, having neither any payoff for all the heavy handed racist ranting nor any fun/cute moments from Rouge. Not even any random fights out of nowhere either. Just a whole lot of exposition. About how racist everybody is. About how there exists a rebel android action. About how Rouge is different from regular androids and they want her to join them. Okay, we’re inching along the story, but Rouge herself just stares blankly at them through that entire thing with as much presence as the wallpaper. All the characters from last week vanished too, some of them not even showing up to wave goodbye. I still don’t know who that one random dude was supposed to be. And then, in the final 30 seconds, they trip over a dead kid and the gestapo rushes in. Well, at least that probably means something a little more exciting will happen next week.


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