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Sengoku Ishura #04 — Gender Studies


Girls, am I right?


Both episodes were quite awful. The story for both these shows has never gotten off the ground and doesn’t appear like it will any time soon, and the poor production for both isn’t helping matters, so I’m likely packing it up and calling Metallic Rouge the only Wednesday show I care about this season. Ishura was particularly bad. It finally, after like six different dudes, decides to introduce a couple women to be heroes. For the first, this is done by watching two dudes walk down a hallway for a few minutes, before the chained up girl comes out, and then that whole bit is over. She showed up for about 5 seconds. For the second, it starts with her stripping naked and spends the next eight or so minutes in the bath, leering at her chest. But eventually, she leaves the bath and… nope, still does nothing. She fusses over some children until the episode simply random ends. What a hero. What a character. Enthralling.

Over in Sengoku Fox land, the monks reveal that they’re transforming furries too, and turn the castle into a mech that punches the dude out, which means it’s time for sad flashbacks from all our transforming nimrods. The girls get short ones with lots of bawling, because, you know, girls. The dude gets a long one with his Totoro friend, while the obnoxious dude who cries a lot just cries and yells. I should mention that the pink girl punched out one of the furry monks with her monster arm and it turned into a Looney Tunes result, complete with his eyes spinning comically. It’s doing slapstick, and then getting angsty about it.

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