Undead Unluck Episode 16: A Mole In “Union,” Is It The End? WATCH HERE

The anime has officially started its second cour, and its debut has already blown the enthusiasts’ minds. No doubt, the previous episode was a bit of a shocker for everyone as Andy and Fuuko learned about the worst possibility of this battle. But the preview images for Undead Unluck Episode 16 hint that the worst is yet to come. Well, the duo has been planning to take down the Under. Unbeknownst to them, someone has already prepared their grave. Will it bring the end to Andy’s legacy? Will he survive this time? Keep reading to know that.

Undead Unluck Episode 16: Stills Hint At A Massive Face-Off!

The situation seems to get tense as the Union prepares to fight God. Andy, Fuuko, and Chikara are all set to take this battle to the next level, while Rip has already exited. However, the latest stills of Undead Unluck Episode 16, “Revolution,” hints at another direction. As per the stills, someone from the Union will be a mole. The person has been doing sneak attacks and is the reason behind all the mishaps. However, the curtain will be soon unveiled.

Undead Unluck Episode 16 Preview Images

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This is because the traitor in a Union uniform has collaborated with Under. He is now battling with UMA Burn, hinting at an epic showdown. It will indeed make things more chaotic for everyone, especially for Andy and Fuuko. Are they ready to deal with this betrayal? Meanwhile, Undead Unluck Episode 16 hints that Andy, Fuuko, and Chikara will be surrounded by their enemies. Is this the end?

A Quick Recap!

Previously, in Undead Unluck Episode 15, Rip and Fuuko prepared to fight God. However, when Fuuko touches an artifact that Rip shows, the disruptive visuals shatter her. That was because it displayed a visual of the end of the world. It made Rip realize that they could fight God. So, instead, they should focus on establishing peace with Negators. Rip then left the group and told Andy and Fuuko to join the Negator Hunters. But Andy refused it. He believed that they could kill God as long as the deity was a living being.


After hearing this statement, Rip left the place. Meanwhile, Andy and Fuuko met Chikara to discuss the situation. The latter then explained his past and how he unleashed the powers of Unmove. When he first manifested it, he accidently killed his parents. It took years for him to undo his deeds. However, Chikara believed that joining the Union would be the only way to undo his past mistakes. With Andy, Fuuko, and Chikara joining hands, they prepared for the worst Apocalypse.

Undead Unluck Episode 16: Release Date

The forthcoming episode will set the stage for the worst battle ever. Can Andy and Fuuko dodge the Apocalypse? You will learn it on Undead Unluck Episode 16. It will air on January 26, 2024, at 1:28 am JST. The all-new episodes air every Friday night with a runtime of 30 minutes only on MBS and TBS in Japan. It will also be simulcast on Disney Plus, Hulu, and Bahamut Anime Crazy in selected regions. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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