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Rescue! DROPKICK ON MY DEVIL!! Puzzle Game Arrives Digitally on Nintendo eShop

A game featuring characters from the DROPKICK ON MY DEVIL anime series has arrived onto the Nintendo eShop for the NIntendo Switch, and it is just as strange as you might imagine. Introducing Rescue! DROPKICK ON MY DEVIL!!

Published by TT (Tokyo Tushin Group) and available for just £7.99, with a 21% launch discount until 21st February 2024, Rescue! DROPKICK ON MY DEVIL!! is advertised as an official casual game for your Nintendo Switch featuring characters from the popular anime. Realistically speaking though, it is a beefed-up Android & iOS puzzle game where you draw lines around Jashin to save her from impending danger. Interestingly the game is even designed to be played in vertical orientation, which is not something you see that often.

Regardless, if you’ve been hoping for a game using characters from DROPKICK ON MY DEVIL then this isn’t what you probably had in mind, but either way Rescue! DROPKICK ON MY DEVIL!! is now available digitally on the Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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