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Slave of the Elite #04 — Convenient Plot Devices


Oh boy. A training montage.


Oh boy. The ‘rival’ group, which we’re going to spar with because… one of them is a jackass bully and wants to bully her sister. For no actual reason. Just to make stupid faces at the camera. Which is just an excuse to fanservice up the tsundere for a couple episodes. Normally, you’d think there’d be some kind of character focus or development here, but it only spits out her backstory, that she has a bunch of evil sisters and always failed under the pressure and then goes right into a half-assed montage. Sure, it’s better than if the flashback had been over the top bullying and a melodramatic cry-fest, but skipping the dumb sins of its ilk isn’t the same as doing things well.

Mostly, this episode reeks of weird contrivance upon contrivance. The whole setup. That her power is actually copying other people’s powers, but only partially, except for this one. That they just start getting along right away and are all in on beating up other humans just for funsies. That there’s some other person whose power is specifically and solely “set up tournaments between good guys.” Even the bad fanservice. The very first incident is her being forced to bodyslam him with her crotch. So he works even harder and… she has to rub her chest? And then feed him water? Are those meant to be escalations? Or did we just give up entirely?


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