The Rumbling Titan Is Over

A long saga finally has ended and I need to rewatch it all over again. I’m sure I missed some things.

(Wrote this day after the series ended) 

This week marked a saga that has longed ended after Ten years but feels like I should be waiting for the anime studio to say NOOO Final Part 4 is to come. 

Attack On Titan. It has ended. This isn’t a drill for those that feel it could be. One of the most amazing anime is over but I’m sure everybody feels like they are going to be duped. No in the end we weren’t duped and I guess in wanting to take a minute with this anime as it is one of the best terms of story, a series that was savage from beginning to end, there wasn’t a moment to take a breathe. 

First Premiere 

It’s still a haunting moment for me that goliath coming over the top of the wall, casting a cloud of doom which stayed on throughout. The terrifying looks in Eren, Mikasa faces spoke the blackness this anime was about. I remembered how the first episode premiere just exploded and all I saw around the internet was a weird giant. Episode one without a doubt for many is one of the best anime premiere. The set up was flawless and suspense of a fight humanity was about to face was a sublime. My mouth went dry and still at the moment Eren witness the moment that changed this life forever. Setting up a disgruntled, unreasonable and angry main character to be the most difficult to put up with and questioning every action he makes. Watching this over and over, the same feelings remain, I watched it with a friend at the time and remember there was screaming then crying, haha. 

Potato Girl and Wuss Boy

The amazing Mikasa and Erwin were a couple of standout favourites of the series but they weren’t mine. Mikasa has the best qualities of a loveable strong female but for me she was too much of that factor. Sasha was my girl. The famous potato girl getting grilled for having a big appetite was much more beneath the surface than you could see yet. Sasha was genuine towards herself, confidence despite when cowering in the corner, happy energy towards her cadets. Sasha had more personality, Mikasa was about being intense half the time made her character boring for me, she can fight but that’s about it. Sasha was a gorgeous human, she gained a brilliant resilience for herself throughout the seasons and grew into a tough bitch. 

Armin was not a favourite in the beginning, he looks like the one to always be saved. Man Armin went through the ringer through the seasons but his high intellect was one thing that never failed him, even when his whole body wanted to shut down in dire situations. Armin went from cowering to brave and waved a flag for the whole scout regiment that no-one to me could have done better. Armin screaming sense into desperate minds when either friends or people became weak was a best quality about Armin and you hear the guy scream alright haha. Armin has a beautiful heart, driven passion and deep love those closest to him, he held onto these things even when things seemed meaningless, Armin was best boy for me. 

Eren Became Hot!

I broke, my friend broke and so did the internet when Eren grew a eight pack I think it was? and flaunts this villian hot boy look. Seriously it was WTF moment. I cannot never forget the moment me and my friend looked at each other in disbelief of a eren you didn’t know existed and we felt conflicted over him entirely. We still do!!! I am speaking entirely from a fan girl POV but this was a moment during the series I cannot forget haha. 

No Pace Breathing

Breathing. . . what is that when you’re watching this savage series. My favourite thing about Attack On Titan was barely being able to take a minute to digest what is hell is going on half the time. The only time things made sense was when there was that longggg gap. . . everybody knows that gap of five years knowing if season four would ever come along. For those that will not experience that now, good for you, you will never understand the waiting I and many others had to endure during that gap of time. haha. The series gives it’s viewers barely time to digest the plot points and steams rolls over that with unexpected twists, horror the whole shebang, no gasp of your breathe is left to even do that. 

The high adrenaline Attack On Titan thrives on is so intoxicating that skipping to the next episode is run on automated. Exactly was when me and my friends were watching season three in one whole night and has become a favourite memory of ours. The slow moments are fleeting mirages during the series so better pay attention when they do come along but you’ll long forget soon after. Watching this series was like I just took a drug and you lose all sense of time. 

Attack On Titan 
will become more timeless as every new year comes by but the only thing about it I don’t agree with is a first time anime for someone new to anime. Never has this recommendation aligned with me unless you like manic chaos. Other than that this anime has made a lifetime mark for the anime hall of fame to not call it amazing is a insult because the journey was amazing, a series that has the all in one anime package to keep it’s watchers entranced, engaged and full absorbed in it’s story of humanity’s struggle.


I just feel on such a high after writing this just for what the series does to me haha. I could be here all day discussing this series but this post would be really long. But man the series is really over.  .  . this will take a bit to set in. 

See you in the next post! 

Lita x

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