Anime One At A Time March Podcast!

I need to update more haha

High time I started using this blog more as for what it is a communication board!

I have neglected using this blog as for what a blogs purpose truly is a communication board? “But you write posts isn’t that enough”?. In my eyes no. My problem was I didn’t want to update dump all the time once an upon a time, so I kept update posts to a minimum but my thinking has realigned from this past trait. Twitter and other platforms have been the easy and convenient route for people to be kept quickly informed but engagement levels in these times are lacklustre unless you Taylor Swift haha.

Henceforth all the update dumping will commence from this post forth, down to even the latest AMV project that goes live on my YouTube. Here and my podcast are my great hobby sources and I wish to maximise the output as furthest as I can because so much work has gone into them by one person: me. Twitter, Instagram are becoming the no go way for keeping others updated because engagement is hit or miss. You can’t make people look at your shit but you surely can try.

Our blogs are our communication boards and we should be utilising them even more nowadays for how we see fit.

Anyways enough of that serious note whole point of the post


It’s Mecha March the month to hype up robots and I went to see a sequel last week that I still can’t believe exists and a conclusion was made for a franchise I feel practically married too haha.

Episode is LIVE now on Spotify, ITunes and other platforms!!

Let me know if you have seen this sequel and what were your thoughts?

Sorry in advance for all the fangirling ahaha.

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