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The Apothecary Diaries #24 — Convenient Eternally Seeping Wound


Chinese medicine works in mysterious ways.


And so we sputter to the destined end (announced continuation notwithstanding), attempting nothing, and accomplishing nothing. Lakan reunites with his baby momma and then we get a not-quite title drop, but OP image drop with its own corny insert song, so basically the same thing. These singles need selling, even in 2024. It’s also amazing that they’re still trying to milk that leg wound. Clubbed in the face, gone with a night of bedrest. Some shrapnel cuts you? That’s going to be a seeping wound for the rest of your life. Or at least just every time you need the nearby pretty boy to carry you around.

Anyway, the questions of that one lady who faked her death, the new concubine, Lakan doing anything but having big boy emotions, court intrigue, the new pregnancy, all to be continued in 2025, progressed in 2027, and resolved by 2036, and that leg wound will still be bleeding. But all the stuff that I found fun and interesting for the first few episodes have been completely ejected from the show. The chemistry between the characters never developed and fell into a tedious holding pattern. It introduced new characters and then did absolutely nothing with them. The mysteries completely stopped, and at best were just Maomao rolling in and explaining everything for three times as long as it took to explain the mystery to start with. 


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