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The Apothecary Diaries #22 — Greenery


I’d rather be playing Unicorn Overlord.


With no actual mystery going on, and the episodic ‘story’ just being about Maomao setting up her own little greenhouse, and some fussing over fingernails, what is even going on with the show right now? There’s no court intrigue at the moment. The last villain succeeded in her plot to… go away? And nobody’s interested in pursuing that any further. Obviously the relationships are going absolutely nowhere. They introduced her dad like nine episodes ago and he still hasn’t done anything but lurk in the periphery. 

Speaking of which, that’s the only even slightly interesting part of the episode, at the very end, where it shows that he sees everybody as gamepieces. Is it supposed to be literal, like he has prosopagnosia? Or metaphorical? Does it matter? Should it matter? And next week, as if there wasn’t little enough happening, apparently it’s a flashback episode to give his backstory. Great. Exactly what we need to end a season, a rewind to explain things of the past for characters who have done jack squat in the present. 

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