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High Card #23 — The Flashbacks Will Continue


…Until all morale is exhausted.


Oh boy, another flashback and exposition heavy episode that didn’t actually manage to convey all that much, and what it did didn’t actually make any sense. Tilt turns out to be Finn’s ne’er-do-well brother as everybody expected for ages, who joined the baddies after they killed his family because one of the random dudes had a never before seen brainwashing power that just happened to disappear recently. And then decided to just… leave the kid with the card they wanted for no particular reason. But also, he’s been stalking Finn his entire life, using other people’s powers to pretend to be his friends. You know, those friends that have been such central parts of Finn’s character and show.

Meanwhile, someone actually recorded the cop getting murdered, complete with audio of the dude saying “I am assassinating you for the royal family.” Despite having already thrown one coup, she takes this as an excuse to give up. So not-Ganon then declares that all the ranting we’ve endured for the last twenty minutes is actually not important in any way whatsoever and wanders off, prompting yet more ‘noble’ sacrifices from the peanut gallery to again undo a stabbing. How many times more will we be returning to this well? Time’s running out, so maybe only just one or two if we’re especially good boys and girls. Imagine how much easier all this would be if they had recruited that one speedster character instead.


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