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So they just built an entire spare rocket for fun?


You know, I think it would have actually been better if Histoire had turned out to be some kind of vaguely malevolent Brainiac that granted the little Nazi his wish but hijacked him like a Cyberman or something. Instead, it’s just an imbecile Wikipedia that also happens to have a beam that turns off every android and does the bidding of whoever bothers to show up. And oops, I did just summarize the entire second half of the episode. The first half was just everybody doing their little hugs before leaving on a forever mission, possibly forgetting that we had an entire episode of this when they left to look for this place the first time. But sure, the second time we do this is even more dramatic.

Anyway, they make such a big deal about the masked dude rejecting genocide, swelling music and all. It just sells how absolutely misguided and ridiculous his entire arc has been. He’s okay with abusing them and using them as tools for the mission of conquering the world, but all of them? Well, that’s a bridge too far. So obviously Noir is special and ignores it, and we’re just counting down the time before Ghost-Ciel shows up to deliver the final blow to the little Nazi’s plan of:
1.) Kill all of the robots helping humanity fight the ravenous swarms of monsters plaguing the world
2.) ????
3.) Rule over utopia

Obviously having slave robots to abuse was the key lynchpin holding humanity back. God, the antagonists being so terrible this season and so much focus on them has done this show zero favors whatsoever.

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