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Bang Bravern #11 — Sexually Charged Giant Robots


The physics are mind boggling.


So… you ditched all your comrades to run off to a secluded island in order to have a romantic dinner together. Which was already plenty weird when you have Smithvern pouncing on a half-naked Isami, screaming how much he loves him. This is a fifty foot giant robot mounting some dude, overanimated as all hell. And then they jam a fish into Superbia’s bits and he has a galaxy shattering orgasm. See? This is how you make sex weird, and… I don’t know that I’d say funny exactly, but certainly makes you question life, and especially the physics of a relationship between a giant robot and a sad angsty Japanese dude.

I don’t honestly really know what was happening with the ‘final’ fight either. Superbia just anti-climactically beats the last boss and leaves it an impotent severed head that spends the rest of the episode rolling around while they duel just… because. They’re destined rivals, they declare? But didn’t they only actually fight once, and stopped before they could get going the second time? There’s not exactly a whole ton of antagonism or anything between them. Then they shake hands and a separate LASTER boss steps out of nowhere to explode Bravern, except obviously not, because that’s definitely not what this show is about.


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