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Slave of the Elite #12 — Behold the Vagina Egg




And so it ends in the most predictable and boring way possible at this point; defeating the henchman of the midboss of the antagonist team who only just now stepped out of the shadows to announce that they’re the true antagonists before immediately, before the fight is even over, pissing off to some cave somewhere to announce the existence of some vagina egg that extra-monserfies people or something. Read the manga to find out! Also, the fight was only four minutes and mostly flashbacks. You couldn’t stick around for even that long? Not that I expected anything else, but nothing was stopping them from being ambitious and doing something shocking to deviate from the source, or at the very least putting a significant amount of effort into the fight. But nah. Focus was mainly on the ugly, awful CGI here as the capstone fight to the series. 

Well, I’m still tempted to hold my tongue, especially since I’m well into next season preview’s absolute glut of cheat-power-in-RPG-world-with-slave-harem shows, and this is somehow still vastly preferable to them in almost every way, even when it comes to female agency. Hell, I’m pretty sure at least one of them didn’t even interact with the dude at any point, let alone swear her eternal devotion to him. The lofty standards we aspire too here in the year 2024. The action and fanservice were both mediocre, even up to the end, and as a veteran of many hentai games, especially ones like Softhouse Chara who work weirdness and humor into their sex scenes constantly, there is so much more room for jokes besides blushing. 


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