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A Former Hero Reincarnated Yada Yada #01 — Cleric of Wagons


I am already very sick of cheat powers.

This also leaked a couple days ago like Astro Note, but I only got partway through before I got annoyed and didn’t want to finish.


Which really sets the tone here as I have to come back and actually finish it out of… morality? Blogger ethics? Pfft. Anyway, whereas Re:Monster was edgy, and 7th Prince was jokey, this is the third flavor of reincarnation RPG things, nothing-y. …Blandy? Unambitious-y? Boring-y? He has cheat powers, but the local scouter says he doesn’t, and he wants a regular life, so he rolls with it and within the next 13 picoseconds, is flouting his cheat powers in front of every nubile horny teenage girl in the area, slaying all the local scourges, and is the envy of all. Men want to be him, women want to bang him. Animators don’t mind him because they can half-ass it and nobody will care. And boy, do they not bother to try at all.

At least there’s no status screens or pop-ups, so that somehow puts it as second best of the four cheat power shows today, which is a ghastly statement on its own. The most creativity that it shows is when he casts a healing spell to fix a wagon. I can genuinely say that I’ve never seen that before, probably for very obvious reasons, but that just shows what an amazing protagonist he is and how cheaty his powers are. If you want to make a show about a hyper competent knight-errant do-gooder, I’m all for it. The secret sauce is that it’s not about how Vash, Spike, Bruce Wayne, Sword, MacGyver, or whoever has every advantage, and always effortlessly kicks all ass. It’s telling stories about the places they go, the people they meet, the villains they encounter, etc. You can skimp on the budget and the creativity of the setting as long as you make those interesting and compelling.

But there’s not even a fun protagonist or even harem here. It’s all so generic and uninteresting. No attempt at a story, at humor, at anything. What is the justification for making this at all? Is this truly someone’s creative vision? Not just the anime, but the light novel. And christ, am I sick not just of saying that, but that thought even existing so often with these stupid shows.

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