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Salt and Dog #01 — Rather Nipply Out Tonight


Of course it is.


It’s hard to even muster up any opinion that feels like it’s worth sharing, to be honest, which is largely why I stopped even glancing at sequels/continuations those many years ago. This is a known value. If they were truly rebooting it into Spice and Wolf 3000, following the space faring trek of a werewolf alien selling latinum to klingons or something, sure. There’d be lots to talk about there, even if the core remained generic boring dude meets girl who likes to be frequently naked with her hair conveniently glued to her nipples. But it’s not that. That is not what Japanese adaptation does, and especially not what it does with reboots, which virtually always claim that they’re going to hew ever closer to the source in an attempt to be the sourciest, and therefore the best. Because different media forms are irrelevant. Creative interpretation doesn’t matter. Personal touch is unwanted. Only fidelity matters.

So here’s Spice and Wolf for a second time. Maybe it has somewhat more nudity than before? I don’t want to go back to check. I’ll leave that to the fans of the franchise to discuss and debate. Perhaps they can do an aerola analysis based on the width of the her hair glued to her chest and come to a definitive answer as to which is the best based on how much nipple is hinted at. That truly does seem like the best way to experience this.

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