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Yen Press Announcement Round-Up from Sakura Con 2024

Yen Press were recently at Sakura Con, a comic con event held in Seattle in the United States, and as part of their attendance they hosted a panel unveiling a selection of new manga and light novel titles. New licenses include EIGHTY-SIX Alter and Hero Syndrome, but a full round-up can be found below.

A rundown of the titles announced can be found below:

Light Novel:

EIGHTY-SIX Alter: Enjoying a short break, plunging into battle, or setting foot in the frigid United Kingdom. Glimpse another side of Shin, Lena, and their friends through previously uncollected or unpublished short stories!

Even a Replica Can Fall in Love: When she doesn’t feel well, when there’s a test, when she doesn’t want to go to school…I take her place. I’m her replica. I’m not meant for anything else. But that changed when I fell in love.

Hero Syndrome: Heroes against…humans?! In a world where heroes are infested, unthinking creatures of destruction, only elite unit Charon stands a chance against them. But what happens when a young scientist looks to save these heroes instead…?

Victoria of Many Face: This ordinary citizen…is hiding an extraordinary secret! After the betrayal of her boss, spy Chloe disappears to live as normal commoner Victoria. But she’s going to have to be careful if she wants to keep this peaceful life!


Detroit: Become Human -Tokyo Stories-: From the same stage as the critically acclaimed game Detroit: Become Human, comes a story of free will and revolution set in 2038, Tokyo, all with a human girl as a thread.

From Old Country Bumpkin to Master Swordsman: My Hotshot Disciples Are All Grown Up Now, and They Won’t Leave Me Alone: Beryl Gardinant runs a fencing dojo in the countryside, but this old country bumpkin’s quiet life is about to get a lot more rowdy!

Pink & Habanero: Popular guy vs average girl! Mai’s first meeting with Kei Kurose has the wrong kind of sparks flying, but when Mai discovers Kei secret part-time job, she might just have to learn to keep his trust!

Spring Storm and Monster: When her mother’s remarriage brings in a new stepbrother, the last thing Ranko expects is a re-encounter with the boy that literally hurled guy into a wall in front of her. How is she supposed to live with this violent punk?!

Tougen Anki: Dark Demon of Paradise: Get ready for a action-packed, blood-fueled spree! When a member of the Momotarou Agency kills Shiki’s father, Shiki vows to avenge him. But will his newfound abilities be enough to survive the dangers that await him?

When the Villainess Seduces the Main Heroine: This commoner girl is getting swept off her feet…by the villainess! Sei’s about to get a taste of what a real lover is like in this steamy tale of two girls who traded in their Prince Charming for each other!


The Three-Body Problem: A cultural revolution that sets off an alien invasion. Humanity’s battle against its greatest threat has begun… The manhua adaptation of The Three-Body Problem will be the second of Cixin Liu’s works published by Yen Press.

All of the titles listed above are expected to be released at some point in the near future and we suspect that pre-orders will become available at retailers in the coming months. In the meantime further details can be found on the YenPress Website.

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