Recent Manga Vibes #1

Lots and lots of reading this year has occurred already.

Last week or week before I forgot to schedule a post if you were wondering what was happening there, so this post was suppose to go out like a week before. Even though I have pre scheduled a lot of my stuff, still I include things that are happening from this year. So it will be a total mismash. Anyway 2024 I have been reading a hell of a lot normal fiction and manga, recently that has upgraded with the new kindle I bought last week. MAN this thing is going to be so handy for the future. One of my coworkers convinced me to get one and it is worth your money if you have been thinking about it yourself. Between the library and this device I’ve been reading a array of newers titles and continuing ones from long ago. I just wanted to mention some titles I have been really into. 

My Love Mix-up!

My blogger girl Naja raved about this title when she was suckered in and finally I got to it this month. Reading the first two volumes its mistaken identity crisis, this is where miscommunications in romance work for this story. I like the two ongoing romance journeys of Hashimoto and Aoki, mixing it up with some blossoming boys love. This manga has a great charm to you that I feel can convert non – romance fans even, a title that not sticking to the common traditions and shows a fun side. The characters are fun and was surprised how comical the chemistry is between all parties. I see why this is popular just from first two volumes, a definite one to check out! 

Virgin Love


Love Island, Farmers Wants A Wife if you have heard of those TV programs we have in a manga edition love experimental of six singles finding love or some spark but centered on 26 year old Shoko who has it all together. But being a virgin still is a embarrassment. First thing I liked about this was the art work, it feels loose how the characters and backgrounds are drawn but its beautiful, similar to the style in My Love Mix-Up! actually. Shoko is a desperate one for an individual who feels its end of the world if you have not lost your virginity by a certain age. A culture failure people label you as and how Shoko feels, her behaviour joining this experiment is hasty but you understand the desperation it comes from, a good relatable trait to draw you to her character. A romance obvious has already popped up in the first volume to me and girl she is blind is all I’ll say. The other people in the house has a array of personalities, secretly hoped for going into this and all I can say is, not sure where possible sparks might go between everyone. I adore this set up and will be following closely. 

The Holy Grail Of Eris

Constance grail is framed for theft and her reputation is ruined in an instant for anyone in noble society. A dead ghost from the past appears before her Scarlet Castiel who constance is compared to a lot. Constance is the only one that can see Scarlet and a strange bargain is made between the two of revenge and reinstated position. This is was one of those titles I picked up randomly and fell in love with out of the blue. There is quite a bit going on in this series, it has a great mix of things terms of plot, fun characters, deceitfulness, historical referencing and maybe some romance. I am up to volume 5 currently and everything is taking a nice turn and dying for the next volume. If you are unsure of what to read next this would be my recommendation for that. 

Welcome To The Ballroom 

Sports title I prefer to experience through the anime but this title was a exception. Fujita has been going through a trudge of life and one incident changes everything when a dance instructor comes to his aid and Fujita world changes from boredom to adore. What an incredible series that is all thanks to the artwork, outright amazing especially the dance scenes, bold lines of feeling on the edge and passion for this sport all the characters go beyond for. The artistic energy throughout each page is screaming, I can envision every scene so clearly and its pretty special for a series to be able to do that. My favourite thing about this series is the intensity of dedication and passion expressed through the characters, just a series you have to experience for yourself because my words can’t cover that ahaha.


I know I haven’t spoke much reading anything as of late but I am trying to change that. Highly recommend getting a kindle if you have been strongly considering it has changed keeping up with titles! do it!

See you next post!! 

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