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Go! Go! Yozakura Family #02 — Send in the Clowns


Like that’s rare in anime.


I was really hoping at least one of the shounen shows would be tolerable, but optimism is running thin. Both share a lot of problems. Wildly inconsistent and inappropriate tone. Nonsensical settings. Violence that it can’t seem to decide whether or not is serious or on the level of Looney Tunes. They both introduce literal clowns and tried to hype them up as serious antagonists to be taken seriously, not helped by the terrible, completely inept protagonists who are barely capable of attempting the absolute minimum but have nonetheless spent the last two episodes clutching their fists and vowing that they’ll do their best… eventually. And the production on both is doing them very few favors. It’s not bad. I can’t say that while all those cheat shows exist dragging down the average, but nothing in either episode is ever going to be showing up in any kind of animation reel, except perhaps Highlights of Mediocrity. 

I dunno with this season. And I came back to these after praying that Vampire Dorm or Blue Archive would improve or even at least get worse enough to be funny, but that too was in vain. I know I’m ever the burning light of positivity and optimism, but I go down the list of shows and how their first couples episodes have been and… oof.  

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