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Where Does the Doomsday Train Go? #03 — The Last of Us


Ew, fungus.


This is the first episode that was more like what I expected of this show, though it did have me worried at the start as it spent the first five or so minutes doing local regional schtick again. Thankfully, the rest of it moved into a pretty standard zombie/cultist/Children of the Corn kind of schtick, except with head mushrooms. I don’t think it actually executed on it all that well though. Too much of the early stuff relied on the characters being excessively…well.. dumb, which, sure, is a horror movie trope, but not to this level. Especially with how much it was beating them over the head with how the whole city is being remade to be mushroom environment paradise. 

The ending of it was also pretty weird and kind of terrible. We’re all suicidal nihilists controlled by mushrooms, about to die if the parasitic mushrooms aren’t removed, and you should be too! Oh, okay, well, you do you. Bye. Definitely something they should’ve barely escaped, not had a little conversation about and then decided that the parasitic mushrooms know what’s best. Live and let live, except we’re all going to die, we murder everybody who comes to town, and we welcome death’s cold embrace. Tee hee.

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