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Loser Ranger #05 — Femme Naive


Why are you even cutting apples up if you’re not going to eat them?


Apparently with the intro over, it’s time to do as all shounen must do and jump right into a barrage of gimmicky characters for a certification arc. Seriously. What is it with shounen that you can’t just go out and do good, fight evil, save the world, but must be properly certified by the local government first, specifically as some kind of tournament and/or series of challenges? It’s far from the worst trope associated with it. No, that’ll always go to the peanut gallery screaming overreactions and narrating what’s happening, but it’s damn near close.

But they don’t even jump right into that. Like the other transforming monster show that did have a bunch of screaming, it first needs to spend half an episode having about a dozen characters show up, announce their name and their gimmick, and then evaporate back into the void. Eventually, it settles on the dude’s sister, who is an oblivious idiot. It seemed like she was maybe testing him and knew it wasn’t really him for a bit, and then she spontaneously orgasmed from how much she wanted to bang him for it. A week off and then this meandering, pointless episode setting up an unneeded padding arc has done this show absolutely no favors.

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