“Welcome to Wonder Wander World” Concert in L.A. powered by Anime Expo 2024

ChroNoiR brings their live concert “Welcome to Wonder Wander World” to Peacock Theater!

The NIJISANJI VTuber unit will reprise their successful concert from Japan “Welcome to Wonder Wander World” in Los Angeles, powered by Anime Expo 2024.

Centered on the duo’s 2nd album “Wonder Wander World”, the concert promises to be a delightful treat for fans and first-time listeners alike.

Dive deeper into the world of ChroNoiR this summer at this exclusive concert!

The 60-minute concert will also be available for online streaming. For more details, please refer to further announcements from NIJISANJI.

Click here for the official ChroNoiR events page.

*Important Notice*

All show dates, times, show duration, and when doors open/close are subject to change at the discretion of SPJA or ANYCOLOR.


About ChroNoiR
ChroNoiR is a VTuber unit consisting of Kanae and Kuzuha from NIJISANJI, a VTuber project based in Japan. Active since 2018, they are known not only for their incredible gaming skills on live streams, but also in music.
In 2021, Kuzuha became the first male VTuber reaching a million subscribers, followed by Kanae in 2022.


The NIJISANJI Project is a VTuber/Virtual Liver Project featuring a diverse range of influencers. It aims to accelerate the next generation of entertainment through various events, merchandise, digital content sales, music production, and many more activities. At present, approximately 150 Livers are expressing their unique personalities to the fullest by actively streaming and creating content on such platforms as YouTube.

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