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Tales of Seikyu, a Yokai farming adventure, will launch on Steam Early Access for Windows PC in 2025

ACE Entertainment, in partnership with publisher Fireshine Games, have recently announced that the Yoaki farming adventure game Tales of Seikyu will launch on Steam Early Access in 2025 for Windows PC.

Tales of Seikyu will see players whisked away to the magical land of Seikyu, a haven for legendary creatures from the world of yokai, whereby they will be able to build their dream farm and restore a countryside inn to its former glory. As part of the experience players can obtain ability-enhancing masks to transform into mythical creatures to aid in your exploration of Seikyu as well as forge connections with various characters within the land of Seikyu. With these being a farming game players will naturally be able to expand their ranch, cultivate crops, craft unique recipes, renovate old buildings, and decorate rooms to create a cozy pastoral setting or a luxurious monster inn.

Tales of Seikyu is currently available to wishlist on Steam, and is planned for an early access release on Steam in 2025.

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