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Midnight Punch #01 — Toxic Streaming Culture


This is how streaming works, right?

This premiered the first two episodes on Youtube a couple weeks back, but I wasn’t paying attention. It actually begins airing on July 7th, so the third episode won’t be until the 21st.


It’s weird to have shows about being an idol streamer but being kicked out for punching other idols two seasons in a row, but I guess at least unlike the jellyfish one, this has the puncher actually be a lot more of a trash person in general rather than actually secretly awesome. She’s a petty, insecure jackass who’s abusive and lashes out at everybody. For this episode, at least. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before they go back on it, and it seems to be trying to make her sympathetic by making this an entire bizarre world where literally everybody is a streamer and knows all about every single little bit of streamer drama that happens. Which is just one of the bizarre conceits this wants you to swallow. There being vampires that instantly catch fire when sunlight touches them is peanuts compared to a whole impromptu interview process on the spot. For being a streamer. Where just anybody off the street walks in. And begs for their underwear. Was the last time you did interviews in the 1980s, PA Works?

It’s technically decently enough made at least, as you’d expect from PA Works. Well animated, expressive, lots of artistic flair. Can’t say the same for the script though, as this episode is pretty meandering. The one childish vampire character is about 50% of the humor in the episode, and the protagonist losing her temper makes up another 40%, whether the victims of her abuse deserve it or not. Nor does this episode have much in the way of a story. Violent streamer is violent but wants to stream. Vampire is having psychic vampire sex dreams about her for no real reason. Neither are all that compelling and it takes to the end of the episode to get to announcement of the premise, which… getting ahead of myself, but we can move right on to the next episode and how it cocks that up since I’ve already watched it.


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