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ATRI #01 — Manic Pixie Dream Harem


That dude has one pointy chin.

Oops. I missed that this had a web screening on the 29th. It actually starts broadcast July 13th. Well, today’s only one show that airs super late anyway.


You’d think the dude with PTSD about claustrophobia would find a job that’s not taking a janky sub into enclosed underwater spaces, but the minds of angsty VN harem protagonists operate on different levels from the rest of us. You’d also think he’d know how to swim, but his leg falls off and he’s just… welp, guess I’ll drown now unless some little girl shows up to kiss me back to life. How was he going to swim even with an artificial leg? Did it transform into a propeller? That’s certainly a responsive sub too. A little bump of the lever and it rockets off in random directions.

Anyway, it’s certainly an artifact of 15 years ago when stuff like ef and Clannad were all the rage. It’s barely 10 seconds into the episode, and he’s already having traumatic PTSD flashbacks and a random girl is crawling into his bed, which is also how the episode ends. In between, the childhood friend shows up to mince and whimper about how much she cares about him, but he’s too tortured by his angst to do anything but stare blankly. The manic pixie robot girl leaps right into all the awful cliches, cheerily calling him her master and asking which particular fetish bait she should use to address him. He sends her off, but actually cared so very much that immediately regrets it, which is great because, again, she crawls right into his bed, whispering that she’s here for her master. Yeesh.

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