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Wistoria – Wand and Sword #01 — Impact Frames


Your fun animation tidbit for the day.


There is a lot of weirdness going on in the animation here as well. Especially whenever people start walking around, it gets disturbingly fluid, like somebody devoted a bit too many frames to it. But like that CloverWorks show, there’s also a lot of actual animation talent on display. It absolutely loves to use impact frames, over-exposed ‘flash’ shots to accentuate, well, impacts, which only really works if there’s a lot of actual movement giving weight to those impacts. Otherwise, you’re just tempting epilepsy. Unfortunately, it’s largely just raw animation, as the actual fight direction otherwise is pretty boring. No quipping. No ebb and flow to the fight. Just a few minutes of a dude leaping around while everybody narrates over it that he’s actually a super genius at fighting. And impact frames.

Which leads into the main issue, the whole premise and story. It’s the same insipid pablum about how only people with magic (at magic school) have any value, and because he’s entirely specced into fighting instead, he therefore has no value. And so multiple nobles gnash their teeth and scream about how they’ll get that muggle, while all the hot girls throw themselves at him. Usually it’s coming from an LN with a title like: “In a World of Magic, I Put All My Points Into Strength Instead – I Will Show This World The Magic of Strength And Reform The Kingdom,” but it was a pretty standard premise even before that garbage overran the medium. Nor is it sensical since apparently it’s an acceptable way at this school to graduate by killing monsters, which enrages the faculty regardless for some reason. It doesn’t execute on this cliche particularly well, but I suppose it doesn’t do anything particularly repugnant either. It’s just… a very rote recitation of a very, very tired premise with no interesting or unique spin of its own on it, nor any interesting characters. Just some nice animation. 

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