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YenPress Announcement Round-up from Anime Expo 2024

At Anime Expo this past weekend the North American based localisation studio and book publisher YenPress held a panel and announced a selection of new books that will be coming to readers in the near future.

A rundown of these announcements, of which were made on the companies social media profiles, can be found below:

Art Book:

Sword Art Online abec Artworks New World: The third collection of illustrations from Volumes 16 through 22 of the main Sword Art Online story! Plus, art from the anime and games, including brand-new illustrations! A must-have for SAO fans everywhere!

Box Set:

Delicious in Dungeon: The Complete Box Set: Feast upon a smorgasbord of monstrous cuisine in this delectable spread of all 14 volumes of Delicious in Dungeon! This box set includes a giant poster featuring all the monsters from the back covers of individual volumes!

Light Novel:

Before the Tutorial Starts: A Few Things I Can Do to Keep the Bosses Alive: Our hero’s been reincarnated as the weakest tutorial boss?! Not a problem! This bottom-feeder boss is going to use all his gaming knowledge to rebel against the system!

I’m the Strongest in This Zombie World, But I Can’t Beat This Girl!: It’s a zombie apocalypse! After Yuuma gets bitten, his sister’s friend Haruka fulfills his final wish of getting a girlfriend…except that he hasn’t become a completely brainless zombie?

Monsterholic: In the “government-approved slum” of the Masked Ballroom, vampire Reiji and his werewolf partner Tsuki take on the task of keeping the streets clean. Whether it’s centaur hit-and-runs or battling urban legends, these two are on the case!

The BS Situation of Tougetsu Umidori: After receiving a request from a classmate, Tougetsu Umidori finds a girl in a cat hoodie on her doorstep! All sorts of strange matters follow, and soon, Umidori’s joining Bullshit on her quest to “kill the lies!”


Be My Worst Nightmare!: It’s short vs tall in this cute BL manga! After seeing his crush getting rejected by Mashiba, Sayo challenges the tall boy to contest after contest—but loses each time! But then he starts having dreams about a certain someone…?!

Blend-S: Fans of the anime will have no trouble recognizing this cute title! Maika can’t seem to hold down a part-time job, so when a cute cafe’s willing to take her on, Maika ready for anything! Even if it means adopting a quirk in their service?!

Hereditary Triangle: A story of three childhood friends, spending their days in a strange love triangle—only to become a duo when one of them goes missing. Now middle-aged, Koutarou wonders if life would have turned out differently if his friend remained.

Luciole Has a Dream: Luciole wakes up, only to find that he’s been asleep for a long, long time and the only life that remains is him—until a self-proclaimed five-hundred-year-old archmage named Claude comes along!

Revenge Agent Hizumi-san: Imagine you could call an agency to get revenge served up professionally. That’s exactly what Masaichi Hizumi’s job is and his next target? Two-timing, narcissistic, piece-of-trash salayman, Mikoto Kuga!

Stomp, Kick, Love: We’re totally just friends! Toootally!…Is what Kaho thinks about her and her drinking buddy Akira, until she finds herself waking up in his bed one morning! He’s got all the markers of the exact OPPOSITE of boyfriend material, but…

Ubel Blatt (3-in-1 omnibus): The epic fantasy of this mysterious young swordsman returns as a 3-in-1 omnibus! When the wielder of the black sword draws his dark blade, all who stand in its path are torn asunder…!

With You, Our Love Will Make It Through: It’s beastfolk x human in this high school romance! When Mari bumps into a fellow tardy student, she’s surprised to find that he’s a beastfolk! She might be nervous at first, but soon she finds herself drawn in…

Young Novel (via JY Kids):

Catalog of Wonders: After bringing home some particularly bad test scores, Mashiro runs away from home! That is, until he finds a mysterious book with a list of dubious products, including one to erase someone’s memories! Just what are these strange items?

Manhwa (via Ize Press):

I Tamed My Ex-husband’s Mad Dog: After traveling back in time and stabbing Prince Michel, Reinhardt is banished. Her exile turns into a blessing when she meets a wild boy. This “mad dog” may be the key to her revenge and the start of a tumultuous romance!

Kill the Villainess: Eris just wants to die. She’s tried everything she can to go home—but being reincarnated as the villainess in a romance novel means she’s bound to the miserable storyline of her character. Can she escape her fate and return home?

Men of the Harem: Wronged by her former lover who made another woman his empress, Latil plans to cause him the same agony she felt…by taking five consorts herself when she ascends the throne! From members of the creative team behind The Remarried Empress

Further details on availability for these titles will be shared through the official YenPress Social Media Channels and on the Official YenPress website.

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