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Idea Factory International Announcement Round-up from IFI Summer Festival 2024

During Anime Expo this past weekend the North American based localisation studio and game publisher Idea Factory International held the IFI Summer Festival 2024 and announced a selection of games that will be coming to various consoles in the near future, with highlights including Death end re;Quest Code Z and Neptunia Riders Vs Dogoos.

A breakdown of these announcements can be found below:

9 R.I.P:
Release Date: 2024 | Genre: Visual Novel
Platform: Nintendo Switch

About: In this town, there is a long-standing rumor about people being spirited away…
They also say that people with lots of anxiety or those who are struggling are more likely to get spirited away. You think you’ll be okay…? In the beginning of autumn, during her second year of high school,
that’s what Misa Isshiki, was told by her best friend, causing her heart to skip a beat. I’ll be fine, I don’t really believe in any of that stuff anyway. That’s right… She doesn’t believe in that kind of thing…It’s just… Her life had been filled with so much stress, all related to what her future would hold… That’s when an eerie voice reached out to her… Why don’t we take a look and see what you should do with your life! Let’s put you on the right path… And that’s when all the strange things around Misa began to happen…

Battlefield Waltz
Release Date: 2025 | Genre: Visual Novel
Platform: Nintendo Switch

About: A girl loses everything, all in one day. Her village, and even worse—her father… In their place, she acquires a new power. When she takes up a sword to protect herself and her loved ones, she discovers that it is “cursed” and holds immense power. Having obtained something that could shake the very foundations of the nation, the girl has no choice but to live on the battlefield. The ultra-nationalistic military academy, Nirvana, becomes her new home. There, young men and women who excel in combat gather to compete and sharpen their skills, regardless of their background. She meets new people, forges strong bonds, and finds what she thought she’d lost: a place to belong. This is the story of the girl and the talking cursed sword by her side.

Death end re;Quest Code Z
Release Date: 2025 | Genre: RPG
Platform: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch

About: Iris was born in World DE-1, a world that mirrors Earth in the 2000s. With her birth, a series of tragic loops was set in motion, which were gradually unraveled by the efforts of Arata Mizunashi and his team. With her goodwill restored, Iris created a copy of World DE-1 named World DE-1.5. Here, feuds gave way to friendship, each person a perfect cog in a perfect world. But a new crisis threatens the peace… A mysterious man has entered the fray, and he leads a group of people who look identical to the world’s former heroes. Our new hero, Sayaka Hiwatari, confronts the rising chaos, where friends and foes seem impossible to distinguish.

Neptunia Riders Vs Dogoos
Release Date: 2025 | Genre: ARPG
Platform: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch

About: This dimension is different from Gamindustri…A vast number of distinct Dogoos are appearing and threatening to cover the land. To escape from this otherworldly realm, a lone rider surveys the mysterious world in search of an exit.

Temirana: The Lucky Princess and the Tragic Knights
Release Date: 2025 | Genre: Visual Novel
Platform: Nintendo Switch

About: In this world, one’s status and occupation are determined by the month they were born. About 15 years ago in the eastern kingdom of Temirana, the third princess was born: a baby with a birthmark on her forehead. This child was rumored to be the “Cursed Princess,” and was forced to live in a house far from her family, away from the castle. But things are about to change.

As her 16th birthday approaches, she attends the dueling tournament known as Helis Duelm. There, she sees five men glowing with a dazzlingly strong light. Indeed, the “Cursed Princess” possessed a special and lucky power. Whenever her life might be in danger, people and places would shine as if to warn her. Those acquainted with her power warn that those men may have shone because they were dangerous…but she knows their light is different from any she’s seen before. Trusting her intuition, the princess invites the five men to join her order of knights. However, some of them have no experience with the sword, and others lack interest in knighthood at all. Can the princess and her small company of five knights overcome the tragedy on the horizon?

Touhou Spell Carnival
Release Date: 2024 | Genre: RPG
Platform: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch

About: Gensokyo — A remote land isolated from the Outside World, where humans and youkai live side-by-side. One day, the shrine maiden of Hakurei Shrine, Reimu Hakurei, spots mysterious pillars towering over various locations throughout Gensokyo. These pillars signaled the start of the Spell Carnival, a festival hosted by Yukari Yakumo where one must put their Spell Cards on the line in battle. In order to investigate the true intentions of Yukari Yakumo, who initiated the Spell Carnival so suddenly, Reimu Hakurei joins the fight for Spell Cards.

Further details about each of these titles will be available through official Idea Factory International website and additional details will be confirmed at a later date, but all are expected to be released physically and digitally within Europe and North America.

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