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Narnia Reject #01 — Already Banned From YouTube


Which is the bigger fetish, tree tentacle rape, or browsing status screens?


The exact moment that this went from merely irritating to truly obnoxious was when it screamed out an explanation of the entire “hit by truck” cliche. After that, we found a cat girl who was being molested by a tree, and disqualified ourselves from YouTube by having a lynching. After that, we get to the real comedy of the episode,busty women squabbling over who gets to be his bottom bitch for no particular reason. Wonderful.

Even the things that it purports to be its unique comedic schticks are anything but. He’s suicidal, doesn’t want to be a hero, and his power level is zero, but actually, it’s that he debuffs everything to death. Which there’s helpful status screens and an omnipresent narrator announcing this to all the characters. Christ. It’s not even the only cheat power show this season with the premise of debuffing things to death. But the elf yells “EHHHHHHH!?” multiple times, so it’s certainly got its punchlines down.


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