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The Magic Girl and Villain #01 — Screaming at Girls


Maybe that’s why you can’t get a date.


At least Bones animated the intro sequence, and then phoned it in for the rest of the episode. Not that I blame them. This is the kind of ‘quirky’ romance where one side is a screaming imbecile and the other is also an imbecile. You can’t do romance between two things that aren’t people and aren’t capable of emotions. Okay, but it’s actually a rom com, with the comedy being the important part. Here’s your jokes. “I am extremely dense but generally well natured.” “THAT IS TOO CUTE! IT IS SO CUTE! I CAN’T BELIEVE HOW CUTE THAT IS!” The couple times when it leaves that second part out drastically improves the joke all the way to just being dull.

As usual, no actual story attempted, let alone episodic character growth or enclosed arc, just an extended explanation of the title and narration from the characters introducing themselves like the first episode is literally an interview. Truly organic storytelling at its finest. The premise is so easy to work with too, but instead, we take a day trip to a gazebo to have a conversation over cake that half consists of a dude yelling overreactions. Come on, anime. This is not what comedy nor romance looks like. 


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